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WoodLinkThe Woodlink company is the exclusive licensee for manufacturing birding products to the National Audubon Society's design specifications.

Woodlink is recognizes the importance of providing good and safe conditions for backyard birds and they offer six valuable tips on how to be a successful, safe and productive backyard birder:

1. Keep your feeder full year around.
2. Place the feeders in a landscape that has trees and shrubs.
3. Provide consistent supply of clean water.
4. Use natural foods in the winter months.
5. Postion your feeders at different heights to avoid over crowding and to attract a greater variety of species.
6. Put out a variety of different feeders and foods. In 2008, Woodlink attended the 63rd Hardware Retailers Show and for the second straight year was won the Hardware Retailers’ Choice Award for their new line of National Audubon Society’s GOING GREEN tm recycled plastic bird feeders and house series. The GOING GREEN tm products are over 90% post consumer recycled plastic and is made in the United States.

We are proud to carry many products manufactured by Woodlink, from wrap around squirrel baffles, to specilaized and general hopper and silo bird feeders and accessories, to traditional bird houses and more decorative models, all of which are hardy and weather resistent.

Woodlink MINIMAG1 - Metal Mini Magnum Sunflower Feeder
Woodlink MINIMAG2 - Metal Mini Magnum Thistle Feeder
Woodlink SQF4 - Squirrel Ear Corn Feeder
Woodlink WLH1 - 12 oz Plastic Hummingbird Feeder
Price: $13.20
Our Price: $11.88
Price: $13.20
Our Price: $11.88
Woodlink WLO1 - 12 oz. Plastic Oriole Feeder
Woodlink COPSUNMINI - Brushed Copper Mini Sunflower Feeder
Woodlink SC6QT - 6 Qt. Container
Woodlink WLBFLY - 12 oz. Butterfly Feeder
Woodlink SC8QT - 8 Qt. Container
Woodlink SQF7 - Picnic Table Ear Corn Squirrel Feeder
Woodlink WREN1 - Wren House 1" Hole Size
Woodlink MAG1 - Plastic Magnum Sunflower Feeder
Price: $25.50
Our Price: $22.95
Item #: WL-MAG1
Woodlink MAG2 - Plastic Magnum Thistle Feeder
Woodlink WLTUBE1 - Thistle Tube Feeder
Woodlink WLTUBE2 - Seed Tube Feeder
Woodlink BLBAFFLER - 14" Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle
Price: $25.50
Our Price: $22.95
Item #: WL-MAG2
Price: $17.90
Our Price: $16.11
Woodlink PLAT1 - Small Hanging Platform Feeder
Woodlink SBTM - Bottom Suet Feeder
Woodlink WREN2 - Traditional Wren House 1" Hole Size
Woodlink BB1 - Bluebird 1 1/2" Hole Size
Price: $26.50
Our Price: $23.85
Item #: WL-BB1
Woodlink TORPEDO - Torpedo Squirrel Baffle
Woodlink WLCLBAF16 - 16" Clear Plastic Baffle - Hang or Pole Mount
Woodlink WLH5 - 16 oz. Hummingbird feeder
Woodlink BLBAF18 - 18 " Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle
Woodlink GGPLAT -Recycled Plastic Platform Feeder
Woodlink SQF3 - Squirrel Box Feeder
Woodlink WLCMESH - Caged Screen Sunflower Feeder
Woodlink BB3 - Traditional Bluebird House, 1 9/16" Hole Size
Price: $43.00
Our Price: $38.70
Item #: WL-BB3
Woodlink COP6F - Brushed Copper 6 Port Thistle Feeder
Woodlink PLAT2 - Hang, Pole Mount or Ground Platform Feeder
Woodlink COP6S - Brushed Copper 6 Port Seed Feeder
Woodlink GSBB - Garden Bluebird House, 1 9/16" Hole Size
Woodlink ROOST - Winter Roost Box 9/16" Hole Size
Woodlink SC32QT - 32 Qt. Container
Woodlink GGBB -Recycled Plastic Bluebird House
Woodlink STMAG4GR - Green Steel Magnum Sunflower Feeder
Price: $49.30
Our Price: $44.37
Woodlink STMAG4GRT - Green Steel Magnum Thistle Feeder
Woodlink WL3TUBE - Triple Tube Seed Feeder
Woodlink BB2 - Sloped Front Bluebird House 1 3/8" x 2 1/4" Hole Size
Woodlink COPSUN - Brushed Copper Sunflower Feeder
Price: $49.30
Our Price: $44.37
Price: $57.50
Our Price: $51.75
Woodlink PRO1 - Premier Cedar Feeder
Woodlink WH101 - Coppertop Hanging Wren House
Woodlink BAT1 - Bat Cottage 30 Bat Capacity
Woodlink COPWLO2 - Brushed Copper Oriole Feeder
Price: $59.90
Our Price: $53.91
Item #: WL-WH101
Woodlink BB303 - Coppertop Bluebird House , 9 9/16" Hole Size
Woodlink COPCH - Coppertop Chickadee/Wren House, 1 1/8" Hole Size
Woodlink PRO2 - Premier Cedar Feeder with Suet Cages
Woodlink ATFLY - Cedar Fly-Thru feeder
Price: $73.00
Our Price: $65.70
Item #: WL-BB303
Price: $61.90
Our Price: $55.71
Item #: WL-COPCH
Woodlink BCBAF22 - 22" Bronze Color Wrap Around 4x4 Baffle
Woodlink WLTUBE9 - Mega Tube Feeder
Woodlink BAT4 - Bat Chalet 20 Bat Capacity
Woodlink COP4 - Coppertop Ranch feeder with Suet Cages
Woodlink WLC6S - Caged 6 Port Seed Tube Feeder
Woodlink - Screech Owl/Kestrel House 3 hole size"
Woodlink COPCAGE6S - Brushed Copper Caged 6 port seed Feeder
Woodlink COPTUBE9 - Brushed Copper Mega Tube Feeder
Price: $89.60
Our Price: $80.64
Woodlink WD1 - Wood Duck House 4"x3" hole Size
Woodlink GGHOP -Recycled Plastic Premier Feeder- Extra Large
Woodlink COPGAZEBO - Coppertop Gazebo
Woodlink 13107 - Multi Postion Wall Bracket
Woodlink 13109 - 14" Modern Wall Bracket
Woodlink AT1 - Deluxe Cedar Feeder
Woodlink AT3 - Deluxe Cedar Feeder
Woodlink AT4 - Deluxe Cedar feeder with Suet
Woodlink AV1MNP - Mixed seed feeder
Woodlink - Pole Mount Baffle
Woodlink - Pole Mount baffle Green
Woodlink BAT5 - Bat Shelter
Woodlink BUTTERFLY3 - Bufferfly Box
Woodlink COMBOL - Combination nyjer mixed seed
Woodlink COMBOM - Combination nyjer mixed seed
Woodlink COPHOP -Coppertop Hopper
Woodlink COPLANTERN - Brushed Copper Lantern
Woodlink COPLEAF18 - Brushed Copper Feeder
Woodlink COPSUET - Coppertop Single Suet Cage
Woodlink COPTHISTLE - Brushed Copper Thistle Feeders
Price: $37.90
Our Price: $34.11
Item #: WL-COPLEAF18
Price: $10.40
Our Price: $9.36
Price: $57.50
Our Price: $51.75
Woodlink COPTMINI - Brushed Copper Mini Thistle Feeder
Woodlink DCOPSUET - Coppertop Double Suet Cage
Woodlink FLICKER - Flicker House, 2 1/2" Hole Size
Woodlink GG01 -Recycled Plastic Oriole Feeder
Woodlink GG02 -Recycled Plastic Oriole Feeder
Woodlink GGAT1 -Recycled Plastic Small Ranch Feeder
Woodlink GGFLYTHRU -Recycled Plastic Fly thru Feeder
Woodlink GGPRO1 -Recycled Plastic Large Ranch Feeder
Woodlink GGPRO2 -Recycled Plastic Large Ranch Feeder with Suet Cages
Woodlink GGPRO4 -Recycled Plastic Tall Hopper Feeder
Woodlink GGPRO5 -Recycled Plastic Medium Ranch Feeder
Woodlink GGRF - Small Cedar Garden Green Roof Feeder
Woodlink GGRF3 - Large Cedar Garden Green Roof Feeder
Woodlink GGSBF -Recycled Plastic Upside Down Suet Feeder
Woodlink GGSQBOX -Recycled Munch Box
Woodlink GGSQF4 -Recycled Plastic Squirrel Feeder
Woodlink GGSUET -Recycled Plastic Suet Feeder
Woodlink GGTUBE3 -Recycled Plastic Nyjer Feeder
Woodlink GGTUBE4 -Recycled Plastic Mixed Seed Feeder
Woodlink GGTUBE8 -Recycled Plastic Combination Nyjer/Mixed Seed Tube Feeder
Woodlink GGWFDR -Recycled Plastic Window Feeder
Woodlink GGWREN -Recycled Plastic Wren House
Woodlink GSWCH - Garden Wren/Chickadee House
Woodlink HK6733 - Pre-Filled Hummingbird feeder Just Add Water
Woodlink LOG2M -Recycled Plastic Birch Log Mixed Seed Tube Feeder
Woodlink SBF1 - Bouncer
Woodlink SQSPIN -Squirrel Spin feeder
Woodlink STMOUNT - Steel 4x4 Seed Catch Bracket
Woodlink SUET1 - Hanging Single Suet Cage
Woodlink WF2 -Recycled Plastic Whole In-Shell Peanut/Woodpecker Mix Feeder
Woodlink WL13102 - 12" Branch Hook
Woodlink WL13205 - 12 Cable Hanger
Woodlink WLH10 - 14 oz. Hummingbird feeder
Woodlink WLH11 - 16 oz. Hummingbird feeder
Woodlink WLH12 - 10 oz. Hummingbird feeder
Woodlink WLTUBE22 - 22' Yellow finch feeder
Woodlink WLTUBE23 - 22' Mixed Seed feeder
Woodlink WLTUBE35 - 20 port 35" Thistle Tube Feeder
Woodlink WLTUBETRAY - Seed Catch Tray
Woodlink WOODPECK -Woodpecker House
Woodlink NAWREN -Traditional Wren House 1 1/8" Hole
Price: $19.60
Our Price: $17.64
Woodlink Wl13207 -Window Glass Hanger

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