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Wild Bills

Wild Bills

WildBills™ Electronic Bird Feeder was invented by a bird lover and a world renowned ornithologist. The aerodynamic design prevents moisture so that seeds stay dry. The best part is that no food is wasted because WildBills™ Squirrel-free Bird Feeder trains squirrels not to steal the seed.

Squirrels are very clever. They quickly figure out how to bypass baffles, levers, and other so-called squirrel-proof devices. They seem to delight in the challenge. While we marvel at their craftiness, we are frustrated by their destructive natures. Bird lovers give up, don't buy seed and their feeders stand empty.

Featuring the patented Squirrel-Stinger™, the WildBills™ Squirrel-free bird feeder uses a mild static correction to train squirrels to go away and stay away.

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