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WILDLIFE FEEDERS & HOUSESMany backyard birders go with the principle of joining them if you can't beat them. And that's true of squirrels. Rather than treat them as an adversary, enjoy their antics and make them welcome. The Wildlife feeders help you manage your critters and protect your backyard bird feeding budget.

Audubon Squirrel Munch Box
Squirrel Ear Corn Holder
Squirrel Bungee
Woodpecker Cake
Squirola Cake
Big Ol Kob
Price: $11.40
Our Price: $10.26
Item #: BP-54328
Woodpecker Junior Seed Cake
Woodpecker Stacker Cake
Sweet Corn Squirrel Log w/hanger +Frt
Price: $3.96
Our Price: $3.56
Item #: BP-54336
Price: $4.50
Our Price: $4.05
Item #: BP-54611
32 oz. Nut & Sweet Corn Squirrel Log +Frt
Coveside Solitary Bee House - 20060
Stokes Select Tractor Cob Feeder
Price: $23.00
Our Price: $20.70
Item #: HI-38055
Adirondack Chair Squirrel Fdr (green)
Heartwood - Lady Bug Loft - Grey 029-A
Heartwood - Lady Bug Loft - Green 029-B
Price: $27.20
Our Price: $24.48
Item #: HI-50116
Heartwood - Lady Bug Loft - Red 029-C
Heartwood - Lady Bug Loft - White 029-D
Heartwood - Lady Bug Loft - Yellow 029-E
Looker Squirrel Swing SE529
Looker Squirrel Table & Chair SE569
Looker Squirrel Feeder SE548
Looker Squirrel Stick SE578
Looker Squirrel Snack Box SE549
Looker Squirrel Chair SE547
PineBush Metal Corn Cob Feeder Red
Tin Jay Feeder
Hanging Mealworm Dish Feeder
Price: $14.48
Our Price: $13.03
Item #: SE-517
Screech Owl House
Recycled Poly Squirrel Table & Chair
Squirrel Swing
Price: $77.00
Our Price: $61.60
Item #: SE-519
Price: $43.16
Our Price: $38.84
Item #: SE-526
Price: $30.10
Our Price: $27.09
Item #: SE-529
Squirrel Chair
Squirrel Feeder
Squirrel Snack Box
Price: $22.16
Our Price: $19.94
Item #: SE-547
Price: $25.62
Our Price: $23.06
Item #: SE-548
Price: $27.86
Our Price: $25.07
Item #: SE-549
Squirrel Table and Chair
Ear Corn  Bag of 12 ***Plus Freight***
Ear Corn  25# Bag ***Plus Freight***
Price: $25.62
Our Price: $23.06
Item #: SE-569
Price: $6.28
Our Price: $5.65
Item #: SE-EC101
Price: $23.48
Our Price: $21.13
Item #: SE-EC102
Recycled Plastic Squirrels Only Feeder
Recycled Plastic Squirrels in Jar Feeder
Squirrel Feeder Hunter Driftwood
Price: $34.30
Our Price: $30.87
Item #: SE-RUB1038
Price: $66.96
Our Price: $60.26
Item #: SE-RUB412
Woodpecker House Downey
Woodpecker House Flicker
Screech Owl House
Wood duck House
Nest View Bird House
Nest View Bird House
Price: $20.50
Our Price: $18.45
Item #: SE-SC78162
Price: $20.50
Our Price: $18.45
Item #: SE-SC78162
Squngee Deluxe
Munch N'View
Flying Trapeze
Price: $15.46
Our Price: $13.91
Price: $41.40
Our Price: $37.26
Item #: SE-WF2021
Price: $17.60
Our Price: $15.84
Item #: SE-WF2022
See Saw Feeder
Chain Corn Feeder
Duet Diner Squirrel Feeder
Price: $3.60
Our Price: $3.24
Item #: SE-WF2031
Squirrel Spinner
Squirrel A Whirl
Stovall 5 Cob Squirrel Feeder SP12F
Price: $10.50
Our Price: $9.45
Item #: SE-WF2150
Price: $20.50
Our Price: $18.45
Item #: SE-WF2160
Stovall Squirrel Peanut Feeder SP16F
Stovall Squirrel House SP16H
Stovall Manger Shelled Corn Feeder SP17F
Stovall Classic Single Cob Feeder SP120F
Stovall Small Single Cob Feeder SP12MINI
Stovall Squirrel Feeder SP16MINI
Stovall Chair & Table Cob Feeder SP121F
Stovall See Saw Cob Feeder SP122F
Woodlink SQF3 - Squirrel Box Feeder
Woodlink SQF4 - Squirrel Ear Corn Feeder
Woodlink SQF7 - Picnic Table Ear Corn Squirrel Feeder
Flying Trapeze by Wildwood Farms - 2022
House of Munch by Wildwood Farms - 2024
Squirrel House by Wildwood Farms - 2050
Duck Nesting House by Wildwood Farms - 2060
Duet Diner by Wildwood Farms - 2070
Squirrel Munch Box by Wildwood Farms - 2081
Squirrel -A-Whirl by Wildwood Farms - 2160
Platform Feeder by Wildwood Farms - 2040
Stovall Wood Small Ladybug Habitat SP13H

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