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Looker Products

Looker ProductsLooker Products has been a leading manufacturer of bird feeders and bird related products for 27 years. We sell nationwide to over 650 specialty stores. Our complete line of over 80, high quality and unique products include: bird feeders & houses, bat houses, owl house, bird baths, hanging tray feeders, window feeders & house, specialty feeders, suet feeders, ground feeders, and squirrel feeders. Lawn & garden products include a folding leaf cart & mole control!

Looker Mini with Post Green SE579
Looker Mini Hanging Green SE504
Looker Classic 17  Hanging Bath SE505
Looker Classic 17 with Post Bath SE506
Looker Mini Garden Bath Green/Clay SE507
Looker Classic 17 Garden Bath SE508
Looker Mini Deck Bath Green BB10
Looker Deluxe Double Ring Bath SE581
Looker Heated Bird Bath w/summer pan SE509
Looker  Super Feeder SE510
Looker  Century  SE511
Looker  Pavilion SE512
Looker  14" Feeder w/suet SE513
Looker  12" Pivot Roof SE553
Looker  Little Looker SE514
Looker  Tiny Tower SE515
Looker  Bluebird SE557
Looker  Oriole Feeder - Cedar SE561
Looker    Thistle Bag Roof SE594
Looker ~ Multi-Purpose Chalet w/stake SE516
Looker  Hanging Mealworm Dish SE517
Looker  Oriole Buffet SE560
Looker  Crystal Clear SE558
Looker  Belle Vista SE588
Looker  Lighthouse Feeder SE559
Looker  Barn Feeder - Fly Thru SE555
Looker  Barn Feeder - Hanging SE554
Looker  Barn Feeder - Post  Mounted SE556
Looker Bluebird - View Thru SE542
Looker Bluebird - Green Roof SE543
Looker Bluebird - Slot SE544
Looker Wren – Cottage 1" SE574
Looker Wren - A-Frame SE518
Looker Wren - Lifting Roof SE575
Looker Wren – Mail-Box SE545
Looker Screech Owl House SE519
Looker OBC Bat-Triple Chamber SE521
Looker OBC Bat-Extra Large SE570
Looker OBC Bat-Kit SE571
Looker Woodpecker House SE577
Looker Carolina Wren/All Purpose SE546
Looker Hide-A-Key House SE522
Looker 3 in 1 Feeder SE524
Looker Ground Feeder SE584
Looker 4 X 4 Post Mount Cap SE552
Looker Squirrel Swing SE529
Looker Squirrel Table & Chair SE569
Looker Squirrel Feeder SE548
Looker Squirrel Stick SE578
Looker Squirrel Snack Box SE549
Looker Squirrel Chair SE547
Looker    9 X 9 Hanging Tray SE530
Looker    9 X 9 Clear Cover SE531
Looker    12 X 12  Hanging Tray SE532
Looker    Wheelbarrow Ground Feeder SE562
Looker     9 x 9 Super Tray W/Cover SE534
Looker    Deck/Post Tray SE597
Looker    WF-3 SE537
Looker    WF-8 SE538
Looker    WF-Dual SE599
Looker    WF-Suet SE539
Looker    Window House SE564
Looker    WF-Greenhouse/Feeder SE563
Looker    Hanger, All Purpose SE540
Looker    WF-Open Diner SE541

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