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Home Bazaar

Home BazaarIn 1999, Home Bazaar set out to create the world's most spectacular line of birdhouses and birdfeeders. In the Home Bazaar workshop, they have combined their love of birds and nature along with technical and design abilities. We are now pleased to introduce to you the Home Bazaar Line of Architectural Birdhouses, Feeders, Pedestals and Garden Accessories. Using only the finest materials available with a painstaking attention to detail, Home Bazaar products are manufactured to be used functionally outdoors and be enjoyed for years.

Home Bazaar has distinctive Bird Houses and Feeders that can be matched up with an accommodating garden pedestal. These pieces can be easily placed in the backyard or in a garden setting. The cottage design combined with the Victorian scrollwork often end up close to the home, on a covered porch, and in many cases are used in the home as a decorative accessory.

Home Bazaar is constantly bringing unique new designs to market that allow you and our feathered friends the finest in avian housing.

Home Bazaar HB-2010PN Novelty Pedestal With Auger
Home Bazaar HB-2011 Wrension
Home Bazaar HB-2016 Cape Cod With Bracket
Home Bazaar HB-2017 Honeymoon Cottage With Bracket
Home Bazaar HB-2018N Cuckoo Cottage Birdhouse For Bluebirds
Home Bazaar HB-2022G Hobbit House (Green)
Home Bazaar HB-2031 Sag Harbor Birdhouse - Blue with Mansard Roof
Home Bazaar HB-2038S Gingerbread Cottage With Bracket
Home Bazaar HB-2039S Cozy Cottage
Home Bazaar HB-2040 Bungalow Birdhouse - Grey with Green Roof
Home Bazaar HB-2041S Kingsgate Cottage
Home Bazaar HB-2042S Prairie Farmhouse
Home Bazaar HB-2043 Victorian Manor
Home Bazaar HB-2044CS Christmas Wren Cottage (Red)
Home Bazaar HB-2044WCS White Christmas Wren House
Home Bazaar HB-2044WS Little Wren House (White)
Price: $168.00
Our Price: $125.15
Item #: HB-2043
Home Bazaar HB-2044YS Little Wren House (Yellow)
Home Bazaar HB-2047 Chapel Bell Birdhouse
Home Bazaar HB-2048 Club House Birdhouse
Home Bazaar HB-2048L Clubhouse Birdhouse For Purple Martins
Price: $137.70
Our Price: $101.97
Item #: HB-2047
Price: $215.00
Our Price: $152.96
Item #: HB-2048
Price: $534.60
Our Price: $398.61
Item #: HB-2048L
Home Bazaar HB-2064 Arts & Crafts Birdhouse - Grey with Green Roof
Home Bazaar HB-2084 Star Barn Birdhouse
Home Bazaar HB-2093S Rapunzel House
Home Bazaar HB-2097PN Classic Pedestal/Tall - With Auger
Home Bazaar HB-6102 Novelty Cottage Birdhouse With Bracket
Home Bazaar HB-6102PHBS Novelty Cottage Birdhouse (Blue)
Home Bazaar HB-6102PHRS Novelty Cottage Birdhouse (Red)
Home Bazaar HB-6102PHWS Novelty Cottage Birdhouse (White)
Home Bazaar HB-9062S Sign Post Birdhouse
Home Bazaar HB-9001WS Victorian Cottage (White)
Home Bazaar HB-9001YS Victorian Cottage (Yellow)
Home Bazaar HB-9002WS Chalet Birdhouse
Home Bazaar HB-9006WS Gazebo Birdfeeder (Single Unit)
Home Bazaar HB-9029WS Shotgun Cottage Birdhouse (White)
Home Bazaar HB-9030BS Pacific Grove Birdhouse (Lt. Blue With Yellow)
Home Bazaar HB-9030YS Pacific Grove Birdhouse (Yellow With Lt. Blue)
Home Bazaar HB-9031 Petoskey  "Lake View"  Cottage Birdhouse
Home Bazaar HB-9033GS Bellport Cottage Birdfeeder (Green)
Home Bazaar HB-9036HSS Little Season's Tweetings Birdhouse
Home Bazaar HB-9042 Post Lane Cottage Birdhouse

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