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Coveside Conservation

Coveside ConservationCoveside Conservation

Based in Portland, ME, Coveside Conservation is a leading manufacturer of wooden nesting boxes (bird houses), bird feeders, bat houses and other backyard nature products and accessories.

Coveside specializes in backyard birding products that are practical, successful and always decorative.

When selecting a suitable nesting site, each bird species has unique requirements about the dimensions, including the height, depth, width and the entrance hole. Coveside prides itself on offering a nesting box that is suited to every species of cavity-nesting bird in North America, from bluebirds to chickadees, to owls, to purple martins.

Coveside's nesting boxes are carefully designed and constructed to include appropriate ventilation and drainage. Too much air movement can cause drafts but not enough can result in disease.

Because Coveside's products are handcrafted in Maine from Eastern white pine, they can come in a variety of wood finishes, from Down East rustic to beautiful polished and highly decorative sheens.

Coveside bird feeders can be mounted on posts and poles or hung from trees or even fitted into windows. The one-way mirror feeder that sits in a window brings the birds into the kitchen and is one of their most popular models.

Coveside has a diverse offering of nature related products and accessories, including multi-chamber bat houses, squirrel houses and butterfly houses, the designs for which are all attributed to field experts. For example, Coveside’s Sunshine Bat House was developed by Amanda Lollar, an internationally recognized authority on bat behavior and director of Bat World, a sanctuary in Mineral Wells, Texas.

Coveside 00133  "BAT"chelor Pad
Coveside 01001  Bat Condominium
Coveside 01002  Bat Mansion
Coveside 01003  Sunshine Bat House Large
Coveside 01005  Sunshine's Bat House Small
Coveside 01008  Bat Tower
Coveside 01134  Mini Bat House
Coveside 10010  Window Nest Box
Coveside 10030  Nesting Perch
Coveside 10040  Downey Woodpecker House
Coveside 10041  Chickadee House
Coveside 10042  Nuthatch House
Coveside 10043  Titmouse
Coveside 10044  Bluebird House Sparrow Resistant
Coveside 10045  Backyard Birdhouse Slate Guard
Coveside 10046  House Wren House
Coveside 10047  Hanging Wren House
Coveside 10048  Eastern Bluebird House
Coveside 10049  Observation BlueBird House
Coveside 10050  Horizontal Bluebird House
Coveside 10051  Western/Mountain Bluebird House
Coveside 10053  Flycatcher House
Coveside 10055  BlueBird Trail Box
Coveside 10057  Bluebird Box Open
Coveside 10060  Hanging Carolina Wren House
Coveside 10061  Wood
Coveside 10062  Saw
Coveside 10070  Flicker House
Coveside 10080  Kestrel House
Coveside 10090  Purple Martin House
Coveside 10095  Small Winter Roost
Coveside 10098  Horizontal Winter Roost
Coveside 10099  Winter Shelter
Coveside 10110  Wood Duck/Hooded Merganser House
Coveside 10120  Wood Duck House Small
Coveside 10130  Common Merganser House
Coveside 10140  Goldeneye House
Coveside 10150  Bufflehead House
Coveside 10180-Assembled Barn Owl House
Coveside 10180-U  Unassembled Barn Owl House
Coveside 10190  Assembled Barred Owl House
Coveside 10190-U Unassembled Barred Owl House
Coveside 20000  Squirrel House
Coveside 20020  Wildlife Feeder
Coveside 20030  Peanut Box Feeder
Coveside 20045  Butterfly Vivarium
Coveside Solitary Bee House - 20060
Coveside 20700  Feeder, Large Screen
Coveside 20900  Bluebird Feeder
Coveside 22100  Mini Suet Feeder
Coveside 22400  Woodpecker Feeder
Coveside 22600  Window Suet Feeder
Coveside 23500  Jelly Feeder
Coveside 24300  Window Feeder, Mini Screen
Coveside 25900 Conservation Mahogany Mirrored Windowsill feeder
Coveside 26500 Panoramic Feeder w/Mirror
Price: $178.99
Our Price: $148.99
Price: $264.99
Our Price: $220.00
Coveside 27500 Bread Box Win. Feed. w/mir.
Coveside 35000 Small Arched Window Feeder
Coveside 42000  Birder's dozen

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