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Bluebird Houses

Bluebird HousesBluebirds are referred to as "cavity nesters" meaning they nest in holes. With declining opportunities for nesting in natural holes, Bluebirds have adapted very well to man-made cavities, i.e. nesting boxes. However, Bluebirds have a hard time repelling cowbirds and competing with the migratory Tree Swallows and the exotic and invasive House Sparrow, introduced from Europe. Since these battles can be un-ending and often disastrous, many owners will put out multiple houses hoping to dilute the pressure. Some put the boxes back to back and others spread them around. Putting up bird houses is a responsible but very worthwhile and enjoyable hobby.

Audubon Cedar Bluebird House
Audubon Coppertop Bluebird House
Audubon Going Green Bluebird
Coveside 10049  Observation BlueBird House
Coveside 10048  Eastern Bluebird House
Coveside 10050  Horizontal Bluebird House
Coveside 10051  Western/Mountain Bluebird House
Coveside 10055  BlueBird Trail Box
Coveside 10057  Bluebird Box Open
Coveside 10058 Open 2-Side Blue Bird House
Coveside 42000  Birder's dozen
Heartwood - Bluebird Manor - Grey 006-A
Heartwood - Bluebird Manor - Pinion Green 006-B
Heartwood - Bluebird Manor - Redwood 006-C
Heartwood - Bluebird Manor - White 006-D
Heartwood - Vintage Bluebird - Antique Cypress/MultColored Shingled Roof 169-A
Looker Bluebird - View Thru SE542
Looker Bluebird - Green Roof SE543
Looker Bluebird - Slot SE544
Bamboo Bluebird Box House
Bamboo Bluebird Viewing House
Cedar Bluebird House
Cedar Bluebird Viewing House
Price: $27.70
Our Price: $24.93
Item #: NW-CWH3
Price: $31.20
Our Price: $28.08
Item #: NW-CWH4
Cedar Bluebird Peterson House
Small Hanging Grass Twine House w/Roof
Large Hanging Grass Twine House w/Roof
Price: $8.76
Our Price: $7.88
Item #: SE-10345
Price: $11.84
Our Price: $10.66
Item #: SE-10355
Hide-A-Key House
Bluebird View Thru
Bluebird Green Roof
Price: $27.86
Our Price: $25.07
Item #: SE-522
Price: $39.00
Our Price: $35.10
Item #: SE-542
Price: $44.46
Our Price: $40.01
Item #: SE-543
Bluebird Slot
Bluebird Feeder
Bluebird Nest Lift
Price: $33.32
Our Price: $29.99
Item #: SE-544
Price: $50.12
Our Price: $45.11
Item #: SE-557
Price: $4.12
Our Price: $3.71
Item #: SE-6015
Wood Duck House
Black Bellied Whistling Duck House
Bluebird Nest Lift
Price: $89.02
Our Price: $80.12
Item #: SE-589
Price: $89.02
Our Price: $80.12
Item #: SE-591
Price: $4.12
Our Price: $3.71
Item #: SE-6015
T Post Mounting Plate
Bluebird House Kit
Price: $6.18
Our Price: $5.56
Item #: SE-6014
Price: $18.02
Our Price: $16.22
Item #: SE-SC00605
Bluebird Box Viewing Top
Bluebird Box Screen Top
Post Mount Bluebird Feeder
Price: $36.60
Our Price: $32.94
Item #: SE-SC1050C
Guard Bluebird Box
Ultimate Bluebird House
Robins Roost
Price: $4.60
Our Price: $4.14
Item #: SE-SC6010C
Price: $67.60
Our Price: $60.84
Item #: SE-SCS3004RW
Price: $29.70
Our Price: $26.73
Item #: SE-SCS401
Blue Bird Nesting Box Kit
Western Bluebird Box Viewing Top
Western Bluebird Box Screen Top
Western Bluebird Ultimate Bluebird House
Stovall Bluebird House SP2H
Stovall Western Mountain Bluebird House SP2HUW
Price: $65.00
Our Price: $58.50
Item #: SE-WBBSCS3004RW
Stovall Basic Rustic Western Mountain Bluebird House SP2HW
Stovall Wood Peterson Bluebird House SP3H
Woodlink - 4 House Bluebird Trail 1 1/2" Hole Size
Woodlink - Coppertop 4 House Bluebird Trail
Woodlink - 4 House Traditional Bluebird House Trail
Woodlink BB1 - Bluebird 1 1/2" Hole Size
Price: $26.50
Our Price: $23.85
Item #: WL-BB1
Woodlink BB303 - Coppertop Bluebird House , 9 9/16" Hole Size
Woodlink BB3 - Traditional Bluebird House, 1 9/16" Hole Size
Woodlink GSBB - Garden Bluebird House, 1 9/16" Hole Size
Price: $73.00
Our Price: $65.70
Item #: WL-BB303
Price: $43.00
Our Price: $38.70
Item #: WL-BB3
Woodlink ROOST - Winter Roost Box 9/16" Hole Size
Woodlink GGBB -Recycled Plastic Bluebird House
Bluebird House by Wildwood Farms - 2025
Bluebird House by Wildwood Farms - 2026
Stokes Bluebird Book

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