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Other Bird Houses

Other Bird HousesBird houses for owls and wood ducks can be successful in the right habitat. Although cavity nesting owls such as the Barn, Barred, Screech and Saw-Whet are very common, they are rarely seen and are therefore often overlooked by bird house enthusiasts. If you think you have the right habitat for an owl, then putting up a box would be a good experiment. The wood duck boxes are a common sight around and in the middle of carefully managed wetland wildlife areas. Wood duck boxes are usually very successful if mounted properly and with an eye to keeping the birds safe from climbing predators such as raccoons and possum.

Coveside 10045  Backyard Birdhouse Slate Guard
Coveside 10053  Flycatcher House
Coveside 10030  Nesting Perch
Coveside 10010  Window Nest Box
Coveside 10043  Titmouse
Coveside 10062  Saw
Coveside 10080  Kestrel House
Coveside 10090  Purple Martin House
Coveside 10095  Small Winter Roost
Coveside 10097 Convertible Winter Roost
Coveside 10098  Horizontal Winter Roost
Coveside 10099  Winter Shelter
Coveside 10180-Assembled Barn Owl House
Coveside 10180-U  Unassembled Barn Owl House
Coveside 10190  Assembled Barred Owl House
Coveside 10190-U Unassembled Barred Owl House
Coveside 10110  Wood Duck/Hooded Merganser House
Coveside 10120  Wood Duck House Small
Coveside 10130  Common Merganser House
Coveside 10140  Goldeneye House
Coveside 10150  Bufflehead House
Looker Screech Owl House SE519
Gardman Clipper Nest Box Curved Roof - BA02047
Heartwood - Wood Duck Joy Box - Solid Cypress 139-A
Heartwood - Concorde - Mahogany 162-A
Heartwood - Livvy's Privy - Aged Grey 165-A
Heartwood - Livvy's Privy - Aged Grey 165-A
Wren- A-Frame Bird House
Martha's Mailbox Wren House
Carolina Wren All Purpose House
Price: $22.16
Our Price: $19.94
Item #: SE-518
Price: $22.16
Our Price: $19.94
Item #: SE-545
Price: $33.40
Our Price: $30.06
Item #: SE-546
Screech Owl House
Two Toned Nesting Box
Recycled Plastic Window Nest View Bird House
Price: $77.00
Our Price: $61.60
Item #: SE-519
Price: $28.74
Our Price: $25.87
Item #: SE-RUB78162
Nesting Material Wreath
Nesting Material Refill
Nesting Material
Price: $25.76
Our Price: $23.18
Item #: SE-WF91008
Price: $10.28
Our Price: $9.25
Item #: SE-WF91008R
Price: $10.82
Our Price: $9.74
Item #: SE-WF91009
Birdie Bell with Nesting Material
Birdie Bell Only
Stovall Wood Duck Box SP5H
Price: $21.64
Our Price: $19.48
Item #: SE-WF91010
Price: $12.00
Our Price: $10.80
Item #: SE-WF91011
Woodlink WD1 - Wood Duck House 4"x3" hole Size
Woodlink ROOST - Winter Roost Box 9/16" Hole Size
Woodlink - Screech Owl/Kestrel House 3 hole size"
Woodlink FLICKER - Flicker House, 2 1/2" Hole Size

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