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Achla Designs

Achla DesignsACHLA Designs, an outdoor decor company, emphasizes unique, handforged, wrought iron, European furnishings for the home and garden. Items range from small hooks and brackets to large pavilions and arbors. We also offer birdbaths, bird feeders, bird houses & garden pole systems, trellises, statuary, composting products, and wood and metal furniture.

Achla Bows & Circles Bench-AR-12
Achla Square-on-Squares Bench-AR-25
Achla Display Feet for Modern or Monet Arbor-ARB-10/11F
Achla Brass Armillary Sundial-ASD-06
Achla Roman Sundial-ASD-07
Achla Leaved Flower Box Bracket-B-05
Achla Twist Flower Box Bracket-B-06
Achla Leafy Leaf Mail Box Bracket  -B-10
Achla All Cees Mantel Bracket-B-14
Achla Ionic Shelf Bracket-B-20
Achla Scroll Shelf Bracket-B-21
Achla Small Jumbo Bracket-B-25
Achla Large Jumbo Bracket -B-26
Achla Small All Purpose Bracket-B-27
Achla Large All Purpose Bracket -B-28
Achla O-Hook-B-29L
Achla Corbeille Window Box-B-30
Achla Flower Box Bracket-B-32
Achla Three Scrolls Bracket-B-34
Achla Lantern Bracket -B-35
Achla Scroll Bracket -B-36
Achla Signature Window Box-B-99
Achla Antiqued Birdbath w/ Birds-BB-02AB
Achla Yin and Yang Birdbath-BB-03
Achla Aspen Leaf Birdbath-BB-04
Achla Classic II Birdbath -BB-05
Achla Crackled Glass Birdbath Cradle-BBC-01
Achla Hanging Ring for 12" Bowls-BBH-01
Achla Hammered Copper Bowl w/ Rim-BBHC-01
Achla Hammered Copper Bowl w/ Rim Threaded-BBHC-01T
Achla Scallop Shell Birdbath and Feeder-BBM-01
Achla Tripod Stand w/ Anchoring Pins-BBS-04
Achla Small Tripod Stand-BBS-08
Achla Jalousie Stake -BBS-10
Achla Parrot and Berries Lantern  -BCB-03
Achla Aster Wrought Iron Hook-BCH-01
Achla Cupid Wrought Iron Hook-BCH-02
Achla Heart Wrought Iron Hook-BCH-03
Achla Staghorn Wrought Iron Hook -BCH-04
Achla Chaparral Birdfeeder -BF-05
Achla Palmate Birdfeeder w/ Stake-BF-07
Achla Autumn Leaf Birdfeeder w/ Stake-BF-08
Achla Maple Leaf Birdfeeder-BF-09
Achla Melon Girl Bird Feeder-BF-10
Achla Fish Bird Feeder-BF-11
Achla Owl Bird Feeder-BF-12
Achla Apple Birdfeeder -BFA-01
Achla Pavilion Bird Feeder-BHF-16I
Achla Small Leaf Birdbath-BP-12T
Achla Large Leaf Birdbath-BP-16T
Achla Embossed Flower Box -C-04
Achla Galvanized Tin Flower Box-C-82C
Achla Post Cap Mount-CAP-02
Achla Classic Birdbath-CBB-01
Achla Crackle Bowl - Cobalt Blue-CGB-01CB
Achla Crackle Bowl - Fern Green-CGB-05FG
Achla Crackel Bowl - Mandarin-CGB-06M
Achla Crackle Bowl - Teal-CGB-07T
Achla Crackle Bowl - Apricot Ice-CGB-08AP
Achla Birdbath Chain-CHN-01
Achla - Crackle Lantern - Cobalt Blue - CRL-01B
Achla - Crackle Lantern - Celery - CRL-01CE
Achla Double Cattail Birdbath-CTBB-01
Achla Single Cattail Birdbath-CTBB-02
Achla Nested Cone Tea Lights - Set of 3-CTL-01CG
Achla Maple Leaf Extender, 14"-EM-01
Achla Maple Leaf Extender, 18"-EM-02
Achla Twist Extender, 12"-ES-01
Achla Twist Extender, 15"-ES-02
Achla Mini Extender With Twist-ES-03
Achla Tendrils Trellis I-FT-01
Achla Tendrils Trellis II-FT-02
Achla Quatrefoil Trellis-FT-04
Achla Palladian Trellis-FT-12
Achla Jardinière Trellis  -FT-15
Achla Waves Trellis  -FT-16
Achla Waves Trellis Extension  -FT-16E
Achla Fleur-De-Lis Topiary - 58"H -FT-20
Achla Fleur-De-Lis Topiary - 78" H  -FT-21
Achla Square-on-Squares Center Link-FT-24
Achla Square-on-Squares Trellis-FT-25
Achla Square-on-Squares Double Pole Trellis-FT-26
Achla Ferro Firenze Trellis I-FT-27
Achla Ferro Firenze Trellis II-FT-28
Achla Lattice Trellis - Free Standing-FT-30
Achla Wall Bracket for Trellis  -FTB-02
Achla Trellis Display Base-FTD-01
Achla Jingler Garden Bell-GB-01
Achla Gong Bell-GB-02
Achla Gong & Striker-GB-06
Achla Country Cottage Garden Gate-GG-05
Achla Square-on-Squares Gate-GG-26
Achla Flower Stake Set-GST-07
Achla Heart shaped Birdbath and Feeder-HBB-01
Achla Hummingbird Birdbath-HBBB-01
Achla Lily Leaf Birdbath - Large-LBB-01
Achla Lily Leaf II Birdbath - Small -LBB-02
Achla Oval Herb Markers, Basil-MKR-02B
Achla Oval Herb Markers, Chives-MKR-02C
Achla Oval Herb Markers, Dill-MKR-02D
Achla Oval Herb Markers, Lavender-MKR-02L
Achla Oval Herb Markers, Mint-MKR-02M
Achla Oval Herb Markers, Oregano-MKR-02OR
Achla Oval Herb Markers, Parsley-MKR-02P
Achla Oval Herb Markers, Rosemary-MKR-02R
Achla Oval Herb Markers, Sage-MKR-02S
Achla Oval Herb Markers, Thyme -MKR-02T
Achla Mosaic Lantern - Sm - Blue-ML-01BL
Achla Bonsai Lantern -ML-06
Achla Town Crier Lantern-ML-07BK
Achla Parasol Lantern Small-ML-11
Achla Miami Lantern-ML-12
Achla Miner's Lantern-ML-13
Achla Miner's Lantern-ML-14
Achla Obelisk I -OBL-01
Achla Obelisk II -OBL-02
Achla Lattice Obelisk -OBL-25
Achla Polished Copper Birdbath-PCB-01
Achla Cornette Pylon I -PYL-07
Achla Cornette Pylon II -PYL-08
Achla Mushroom Trellis I -PYL-09
Achla Mushroom Trellis II -PYL-10
Achla Multi Purpose Anchoring Pins-PYP-01
Achla Yard Pole -PYS-01
Achla Lily Rain Chain-RNC-01
Achla Lily Rain Chain Extension-RNC-01EXT
Achla Watering Can Rain Chain  -RNC-02
Achla Watering Can Rain Chain Extension  -RNC-02EXT
Achla Pineapple Rain Chain-RNC-03
Achla Pineapple Rain Chain Extension  -RNC-03EXT
Achla Rain Chain w/ Beads-RNC-04
Achla Rain Chain w/ Beads Extension-RNC-04EXT
Achla Upturned Hanger, 8"-SB-01
Achla Downturned Hanger, 10"-SB-02
Achla Shelf Brackets, 10" -SB-03
Achla Fixed Bracket w/ Single Leaf, 13-1/2"-SBM-01
Achla Swivel Bracket, 13-1/2"-SBM-03
Achla Sparkle Cones-SC-02DB
Achla Sparkle Cones -SC-02DG
Achla Sparkle Cones-SC-02LB
Achla Sparkle Cones-SC-02LG
Achla Sparkle Cones-SC-02Y
Achla Arc Bracket, 16"-SCH-02
Achla Extender w/ Wide Hook-SEL-03
Achla Flowerbox Brackets, 6"  -SFB-01
Achla Flowerbox Brackets, 8"  -SFB-02
Achla Single Handrail Pole w/ Clamps, 36"-SFP-01
Achla Double Handrail Pole w/ Clamps, 36"-SFP-02
Achla Squirrel Jungle Gym Feeder-SJG-01
Achla Mini S-Hook-SS-01
Achla Extender, 12"-SSE-01
Achla Extender, 15" -SSE-02
Achla J-Hook Wall Hanger, 4"-SSH-01
Achla J-Hook Wall Hanger, 6"-SSH-02
Achla Curved Up Bracket, 8"-TSH-04
Achla Curved Up Bracket, 12"-TSH-05
Achla Curved Up Bracket, 18"-TSH-06
Achla Angled, Curved Up Bracket, 6"-TSH-07
Achla Angled, Curved Up Bracket, 12"-TSH-08
Achla Straight Bracket, 6"-TSH-09
Achla Straight Bracket, 15"-TSH-10
Achla Curved Down Bracket, 9"-TSH-11
Achla Straight, Curved Down Bracket, 12"-TSH-12
Achla Ceiling Hook, 5"-TSH-13
Achla J-Hook Hanger, 3"-TSH-15
Achla S-Hook, 8"-TSH-16
Achla Adjustable Deck Pole-TSW-02
Achla S-Hanger, 30"-TSW-10
Achla S-Hanger, 12"-TSW-11
Achla Pineapple Bird Feeder -VBF-01
Achla Gazebo Bird Feeder  -VBF-02
Achla Pineapple Tabletop Votive -VF-03
Achla Posy Flowerbox Bracket I  -VFB-02
Achla Posy Flowerbox Bracket II-VFB-03
Achla Galvanized Tin Window Box  Standard-VFB-05
Achla Galvanized Tin Window Box  Large-VFB-06
Achla Rococo Trellis-VFT-20
Achla Fan Back Trellis-VFT-21
Achla Aldrich Trellis-VFT-22
Achla Aldrich II -VFT-22S
Achla Travis House Lantern -VHL-02
Achla Raleigh Tavern Lantern-VHL-07
Achla Arc Bracket 12" L-WB-03
Achla Arc Bracket 18" L-WB-04
Achla Wrought Iron Bell, Small-WIB-01
Achla Wrought Iron Bell, Medium-WIB-02
Achla Wrought Iron Bell, Large-WIB-03
Achla Contemporary Hanging Bell Clusters-WIB-04
Achla Baroque Hanging Bell Clusters -WIB-05

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