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Platform Bird Feeders

Platform Bird FeedersPlatform feeders are a good choice for someone who wants to feed a variety of foods and attract a wide range of birds. Platform feeders are especially good for people who like to put out table scraps such as crusts of bread, vegetable trimmings and pieces of fruit. Large tasty pieces will appeal to big and boisterous birds such as Jays, Grackles, Starlings, Crows, etc. The smaller birds will also enjoy it if you put out cracked corn, sunflower seeds, nuts and berries. Keep the platform feeder clean though, especially if feeding items that might perish quickly in the sun. Some platform feeders come with a roof for protection from rain and some have sides to stop items being either blown off by the wind or hurled off by a discerning Blue Jay.

Audubon Metal Square Lantern Feeder
Audubon Going Green Platform Feeder
Audubon 3 in 1 Platform Feeder
Price: $48.75
Our Price: $32.80
Item #: AUD-NA31920
Price: $48.10
Our Price: $33.46
Price: $54.47
Our Price: $36.52
Bird Feeder Cat Black / White
Bird Feeder Squirrel in Box
Window Feeder Cat Black/White
Item #: BOB-3870132
Item #: BOB-3870134
Item #: BOB-3870201
Window Feeder Cat Body Black/White
Cat Black/White in Center of Dish Birdfeeder
Cardinal in Center of Dish Birdfeeder
Price: $40.95
Our Price: $32.99
Item #: BOB-3870202
Item #: BOB-3870221
Item #: BOB-3870223
Birds Choice 18X12 FLY-THRU(RECYCLED)-SNFT200
Price: $42.90
Our Price: $24.84
Item #: BC-SNHPF-125
Price: $65.78
Our Price: $41.03
Item #: BC-SNHPF-250
Price: $97.24
Our Price: $63.30
Item #: BC-SNFT-200
Dorothys Cardinal Feeder
Giant Seed Tray w/Clamp
Price: $123.24
Our Price: $81.70
Item #: BC-SNFT-300
Price: $81.25
Our Price: $50.21
Item #: dy-dcf
Price: $60.19
Our Price: $39.59
Item #: DY-GS
Universal Seed Tray with Screws 13 in.
Gardman Compact Ground Feeder Tray - BA01305
Gardman Ground Feeder Tray 16'X13' - BA01014
Price: $36.40
Our Price: $26.95
Item #: DY-UN
Price: $8.99
Our Price: $6.99
Item #: GM-BA01305
Red Platform Feeder
Hanging Jelly & Mealworm Fdr
Pole Mount Jelly & Mealworm Fdr
Seed Cylinder Tray Feeder
Swirl Tray Feeder
Fly-Through Gazebo Feeder
Looker    9 X 9 Hanging Tray SE530
Looker    9 X 9 Clear Cover SE531
Looker    12 X 12  Hanging Tray SE532
Price: $42.90
Our Price: $32.45
Item #: LK-TF01
Price: $25.97
Our Price: $22.91
Item #: LK-TF02
Price: $46.67
Our Price: $34.26
Item #: LK-TF03
Looker    12 X 12 Clear Cover SE533
Looker    Wheelbarrow Ground Feeder SE562
Looker    12 x 12 Ground Feeder SE595
Price: $27.95
Our Price: $23.86
Item #: LK-TF04
Price: $75.27
Our Price: $48.36
Item #: LK-TF05
Price: $49.99
Our Price: $31.99
Item #: LK-TF06
Looker     9 x 9 Super Tray W/Cover SE534
Looker    12 x 12 Super Tray W/Cover SE535
Looker    Deck/Post Tray SE597
Price: $62.27
Our Price: $42.23
Item #: LK-TF07
Price: $75.27
Our Price: $48.63
Item #: LK-TF08
Price: $62.37
Our Price: $42.28
Item #: LK-TF12
Bamboo Tray Feeder
Cedar Tray Feeder
ChapelWood Mealworm Feeder
Price: $40.95
Our Price: $29.81
Item #: NW-BWF3
Price: $27.30
Our Price: $21.66
Item #: NW-CWF3
Price: $41.21
Our Price: $28.34
Item #: PB-30720
Small Ground Feeder A Leg
16 inch x 20 inch Ground Feeder A Leg
Fly Thru Feeder (Removable tray)
Woodpecker House Downey
Recycled Poly Yumbrella
9 x 9 Hanging Tray Feeder
9 x 9 Clear Cover
12 x 12 Hanging Tray Feeder
12 x 12 Clear Cover
9 x 9 Super Tray w/Cover Feeder
12 x 12 Super Tray w/Cover Feeder
Crystal Clear
Wheelbarrow Ground Feeder
Special Blend 5 lb +Freight
Songbird Select 5 lb +Freight
Songbird Select 20 lb +Freight
Songbird Select 40 lb +Freight
Songbird No Waste 5 lb +Freight
SE No Waste 20 lb +Freight
Double Suet Feeder Green
Double Suet Feeder Hunter Green Driftwood
Fly Through
Ground Feeder Roof
Recycled Plastic Munch N View
Small Hanging Platform Feeder
Ground Platform Feeder Green
Lrg. Hanging Platform Feeder
Large Plantation
Plantation with 2 Suet Baskets
Large Plantation with 2 Suet Baskets
10.5 in. x 11.5 in. Hanging Feeder
Aluminum seed Tray 8 in.  Green
Price: $23.99
Our Price: $20.99
Item #: VC-ST1
Woodlink GGFLYTHRU -Recycled Plastic Fly thru Feeder
Woodlink PLAT1 - Small Hanging Platform Feeder
Woodlink PLAT2 - Hang, Pole Mount or Ground Platform Feeder
Woodlink GGPLAT -Recycled Plastic Platform Feeder
Woodlink GGWFDR -Recycled Plastic Window Feeder
Flock Tray Feeder by Wildwood Farms - 2035
Price: $38.95
Our Price: $29.15
Item #: WWF-2035

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